02 July 2007

Casal Released by United

As rumored on BigSoccer and by Max over at the DCU Offside Blog, Kasali Yinka Casal was released by DC United just before his salary would be guaranteed on Sunday. According to Goff the Front Office wanted him to move down to a development spot but a mixture of his refusal and some homesickness led to the release.

The release frees up about $40,000 for DC United to use in addition to opening up a senior roster spot. Allowing United to find another veteran (hopefully defender) player. The brain trust seems to be making a run for this year's MLS Cup at RFK. By trading a 24 year old defender for a 33 year old defender and cutting a promising 19 year old winger in the span of five days. United has plenty of youth on the team, and you can't really build teams in MLS like you can in other leagues, so the aging of the team does not worry me. What worries me are the salary cap implications for next year, especially if United signs a veteran in the summer transfer window.

But if United raises the Cup in DC these moves will be a crucial part of that story. I am just not yet convinced that this team is consistent enough to make that a reality.

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At 02 July, 2007 13:28, Blogger Longshoe said...

I thought Casal could end up being a nice piece of the team. I liked what I saw of him in the early going.

However, the switch to a 4-4-2 and Fred playing well on the left kind of limited Casal's time. Olsen sliding out to the right in this formation, and with the depth of Gros and Simms in these spots, pretty much sealed his fate.

I hope he can catch on somewhere and get a chance, I think he could end up being a nice player.

At 02 July, 2007 14:57, Blogger I-66 said...

It's not as though the rest of these teams have been entirely consistent, with the exception maybe of New England.

Oh, and the Galaxy, who have been consistently bad.

At 02 July, 2007 21:18, Anonymous Red State-Blues City said...

They need defensive depth too much not to make some sort of a move. I don't know that Kasal was the right player to let go, but they had to do something. Now, they need to poach an under-used good young defender from someone.

At 20 August, 2007 05:35, Anonymous Nico said...

Hi DC guys...I'm Nico from Italy....and i was looking for some news about this nigerian player. He's on stage with our team, AS Bari, which is in the italian serie B. We're quite surprised of this....and nobody knows this player at all....Is he a good one :D?....How does he play?...I look forward for your answer...thanx anyway:) bye

At 26 August, 2007 01:49, Anonymous E! said...

Hey Nico,
I randomly saw his pic on a recap and looked him up. Anyway answering your question, he is a good player, very quick on the flanks but lacks experience. He is good with the ball but I think he needs more touches. Even though MLS is no Serie from Italy, he stills some more time playing in a senior division.
but overall enjoy the season, keep us posted with how he does.

At 24 April, 2008 12:59, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Casal has been doing very well in Holland...I saw him play and I am surprise that no Big club has bought him yet.. it looks like he is going to go to the Olympics too..


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