27 July 2007

Washington Post Live: Kevin Payne Interview

This is a really good interview done right before the Morelia game. Thanks to The Dude for putting this up on the YouTubes.

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At 27 July, 2007 15:37, Blogger edgell supporter said...

This is a great interview. More information on the investors' willingness to go with a DP. A little more reality injected into the stadium debacle from someone that knows, or maybe I just like the positive stadium talk rather than the negative.

At 27 July, 2007 16:02, Anonymous Greene said...

Could it be that Fenty is just posturing?

Just speculating here - but Fenty cannot just come out in support of the stadium, especially after opposing the baseball stadium - even if the deals are completely different. Its just bad optics and people like Marc Fisher and others who opposed the baseball deal would slam him.

So at the very least - even if Fenty thinks the DC United proposal is a good one - has to make it look like he has looked at every possible proposal and then chosen the best one. He also has to make it look like he is playing hardball with DC United.

So perhaps after the bids are in, Fenty decides the United proposal - albeit with some tinkering - is best.

This is no doubt an optimistic analysis...

At 27 July, 2007 16:39, Anonymous jason t said...

I think D keeps hitting the nail right on the head. Even if Fenty DOES support DCU's plan, he has no choice but to open it up for competitive bidding. A good mayor has to examine all the options with an open mind, and find the best choice for the city. Hopefully, DCU has a little bit of goodwill due to their support for Ward 8 and the city in general, but the team still needs to prove to Fenty and the city why their plan is (hopefully) best.

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