25 July 2007

First Impressions - DC United 1 : 1 Monarcas Morelia


Ryan Zimmerman is shaded slightly to second base, but now in his second season he's still prepared when the weak roller starts running up the third base line. It's not hit hard enough to turn the double play, but he knows he's going to first base. He'll have to hurry though. Charging the ball, he takes it barehanded just inside the foul line. His momentum carries him into foul territory as he torques his body, foot planting where the dirt and grass come together. The force of this unnatural twist tears at the grass, his arm snapping around as he makes the throw across his body to Robert Fick. There's a snapping noise as the ball finds the first baseman's mitt, the runner out by a step. Ryan nods to himself as the side is retired, heading back to the dugout only to pause and dig some of the dirt and grass out of his cleats.


The ball is perfectly angled, too far for the first defender to lunge to his right, but just not too far for Rod Dyachenko to take it and accelerate across the box. Out of the corner of his, he spies Emilio making a run to the far post, and there's just one defender to beat if he can get the pass there. As soon as it leaves his foot, he knows he pulled it off. Right in stride for Emilio, the two converging in smooth lines taking dead aim at one point, as if guided by some AEGIS radar system. Then, just as the ball reaches Emilio's foot, the ball hops slightly. Emilio's shin clangs awkwardly into the ball, the shot skies above the cross bar. It shouldn't matter, they're up a goal, but the second would have been pretty. Better make do with the one goal lead. Sure, they've been playing well, but there's a chance Monarcas Morelia might catch them on the counter, or some ridiculous volley from distance. One more will be needed, but there's still time.

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At 25 July, 2007 23:00, Blogger Kinney said...

If only United could blame all of its problems on the pitch. That was a piss poor performance and it reminds me of the piss poor performances I have seen the past two weeks. DAMN IT! They had that ****ing game and they gave it away.

At 26 July, 2007 04:04, Blogger Charles said...

Adderly or Addlery is fast becoming a clinical non-finisher, able to put the ball off target no matter how close the distance is to the goal.

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