25 July 2007

Wednesday Afternoon Coffee Break

Superliga Arrives: There wasn't too much early buzz because of a certain superstar, but there are lots of good previews that you should check out. Unfortunately, the official Superliga site needs some work. The first matches were yesterday with LA beating Pachuca in a surprise upset and Dallas tying Chivas. DC United plays Morelia at 8:00 EST tonight while Houston takes on Club America at 10:00 EST.

Designated Player Clearance: Completely missed this but Grant Wahl reports that designated players signed half-way through this season, i.e. Beckham and Blanco, will only count $200,000 towards their team's salary cap.

Goff Chat: Steven Goff had a nice little chat with the fans this afternoon. No real new news, but fun stuff that you should check out. He seems to stand by the more depressing version of the Poplar Point talks that the Washington Post reported on last week.

Adu to Benfica:
According to multiple sources, MLS and Benfica have worked out a deal to send Adu to Portugal for 2 million dollars. The amount is a little light considering Adu's U-20 World Cup performance, but I think Freddy needs to move on. The only hold-up seems to be Adu and Benfica agreeing to "personal terms." I don't know what that entails but I am hoping they get it figured out. Remember that DC United will receive a $200,000 allocation if he leaves before the end of the season. If Adu stays until the end of the season United only gets a draft pick.

Drew Carey on Letterman: Mr. Price is Right spent almost all of his time talking about soccer.

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