20 July 2007

Rumors of Juan Sebastian Veron to DC

Sideline Views is trumpeting the translation of an article in Clarin where Veron supposedly states that he'd going to play for either DC United or Estudiantes in the upcoming season. This is not the first time this story has come out, but it is the first at least semi-reputable story. Max Rosenthal of Pitch Invasion and The Offside: DC United had emailed me about this over three weeks ago, and at the time I thought it was unlikely. The idea that Veron, who loves Estudiantes, would come to DC seemed far fetched. To be honest, it still does. This seems at least somewhat like a negotiating ploy. I'm sure DC would love to have him, even at 32 he's a very talented player for the midfield, but I would imagine it seems like what they refer to in negotiating classes as a Best Alternative to a Negotiated Outcome, saying that he can go elsewhere if Estudiantes doesn't give him what he wants (like, say, at least partial ownership of the club.) If it happens, it also creates some interesting maneuvering in DC's lineups, and doesn't address our backline. So right now, I'm a bit skeptical that this would come to pass, but I figure you should know.

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At 20 July, 2007 23:43, Anonymous Nick said...

The article talked about this a little, and I think it's pretty clear at this point: Veron is coming to MLS, the only question is when. In an ideal scenario for him, he would play Apertura and Sudamericana this fall, then follow it up with his South American swansong with Clausura and a huge push for Copa Libertadores in the Spring. At that point, the big money would still be there and he would head to the US.
His gamble is, of course, that playing one more year will undoubtedly lower his market value bc he will be a year older and slower and out of the national team picture, and DCU or any other MLS team would probably not be willing to pay him more than Reyna money to come here. If he comes now, however, he can lock in his 2 million for three season, and essentially double his earnings.
From the DCU standpoint, we are clearly trying to position ourselves for a playoff push and a Sudamericana run, and a midfield with Veron and Gomez, and forward tandem of Moreno and Emilio, would likely be the best in the whole tournament, and give us a real shot at making the semis or even the finals.
At this point, the supporter's shield is no longer attainable, and I think we all recognize that. That means w/out a playoff push, we are shut out of concacaf and sudamericana and maybe even interliga for next year. In short, we need Veron to come RIGHT NOW, not next year when we are no longer participating in meaningful international competition.
Considering these issues, my conclusion rests with yours. Veron is not coming to DC because he wants to play in one last Libertadores, and DC will have no reason to spend money on Veron next summer when we'll only be competing for the league. Most likely: Veron to Chivas or NE in summer 2008...

At 17 August, 2007 16:57, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Danny Mills, Manchester City and England International defender is in talks with DC about a potential move to the MLS. This is exactly the quality that we need in our back line to ensure that we become MLS champions again. We have great attacjing players in emilio, gomez and moreno and mills is the exact tonic we need ... well done Tommy Soehn get him signed!


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