20 July 2007

MLS All Stars, some thoughts

My (probably overly long) match report to our friends in Scotland and the associated environs on the MLS All-Star game can be found over at The Lord of the Wing. I sent it in just after midnight, and notice now that perhaps I tend to ramble. So be it. Editing is not my strong suit. I tried to watch the game from the Celtic perspective, a difficult task given that Celtic was third on the list of game calling priorities behind the David Beckham and then the MLS Side. Still, to summarize, a few thoughts:

  • Celtic was not in season form, a fact that most let them down dealing with the pressing physical pressure applied by the MLS back line and Ricardo Clark.
  • Juan Toja may be the MLS MVP this season. Not Angel, not Emilio, not DeRo... Toja.
  • Stephen Pressley can deal with crosses dispassionately as a foreman at a crucifix factory, but would foul a nun if she ran at him.
  • Shalrie Joseph would have been a good fit for Celtic.
  • If given a choice between Jamil Walker and Kenny Miller, Miller was the right choice. Dude has wheels and skill.
  • Aiden McGeady is a nice player. I liked what I saw from him. Showed real guts in actually taking on the MLS wings and defense.
  • Comment from Anonymous K on last night, "DCU was in much better form in pre-season (in the CCC) than Celtic." That seems right to me, but DCU had to be since they were playing in games with stuff on the line. We'll see how Celtic does when Champions League starts up.
  • Eddie Johnson is more creative, and less of a one-trick pony, than I recall from any point in his career. Sure, he didn't get on the scoreline, but he showed a great ability to set up other players. Has he always had that, and I never noticed it until now?
Anyways, I'm tired, but there is stuff to get to. I got a great email about ESPN that I'd like to share with you. I don't agree with all of it, but it is damn thought provoking. We'll get to that today or on Monday. Plus: We have a match soon against Red Bull New York. That should be a good one.

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At 20 July, 2007 16:27, Anonymous Andy said...

Re: Eddie Johnson -- I don't know if he's "always had that," but after watching him live in Venezuela, I theorized that he is doing a lot of things on the field that you just don't see on TV. I guess it could be that he is becoming a more rounded player and we are seeing that.

At 21 July, 2007 13:18, Blogger Keving said...

D- Pressley wouldn't catch the nun if she ran at him.....but you may see more of him..today's papers are saying that he had an offer from fc toronto in jan and it's still on the table...

Mcgeady is a player whom when he starts to produces the final ball more often will have the ability to grace any league in the world.

Kenny Miller strangly enough is one player the majority of hoops would like to see traded.thats why we purchased mcdonald from motherwell as miller was unsuccessful last year

don't worry your report was fine.

At 23 July, 2007 02:04, Anonymous Nick said...

Maybe you could incorporate this thought into your next post: Are we in danger of missing the playoffs? It seems crazy, but with Schelotto in Columbus (not to mention all the U-20 talent they have), Angel in NY, Chicago now with Blanco, LA w/ Beckham and Donovan, NE reportedly on the verge of signing a big name south american, KC w/ Marinelli and Johnson, Dallas reportedly signing Denilson, Colorado signing Osorno and undoubtedly someone else, even RSL getting into the DP mix, and Houston rolling, are we in danger of getting muscled out of the playoffs in the stretch run? All of this assumes no Veron, which is a pretty safe assumption it seems, but suddenly, it appears that Moreno is gonna have to step up and save this team, bc everyone is getting better but us right now...


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