18 July 2007

Wednesday High Priced Latte Coffee

U-17 PROGRAM ROLLING: The DC United U17 program is in the SUM U17 Championship game after defeating the LA Galaxy U17s. There they face the Kansas City Wizards. Click on the link for a nice picture of Etch talking to the lads. the U17 program and Youth Academies are something we're trying to learn more about (we've asked for an interview with John Maessner, and will let you know if we ever get it.)

CHRISTIAN GOMEZ WILL NOT START FOR MLS ALL STARS: Fine with me. We'll talk a bit about the all-star game, and we may be sending some thoughts over to our friends at The Lord of the Wing, since we'll be able to see the game and they won't.

NEW QUAKES CORPORATE SPONSOR IS BAD IDEA JEANS: The idea that San Jose may be announced as an expansion city without a stadium plan in place strikes me as incredibly foolish. There's a whole lot of risk and downside to this idea, and I'm not comfortable with it at all. Get the Quakes back, sure, but put them in an environment to be viable, or don't bring them back at all.

FREEZER FROZEN: I know we were supposed to get the Freezer out to you yesterday. I'm hoping for today, but I'm a bit swamped with Other Life Matters at the moment. You are all eligible for a full refund of your monthly fees.

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At 18 July, 2007 10:45, Anonymous Anonymous said...

We, the readers, demand that this thing called, "Life" be put on the Watchlist for The Freezer.

It has disappointed us time after time. It's moves and adjustments are strange and unexpected, always confusing the spectator, but hardly baffling the opponents.

Life must go. Fire Life now.


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