29 July 2007

First Impressions - DC United 1 : 0 Club America

If you read some of the other blogs, you'll notice many comments after the Morelia game of "You could feel the equalizer coming for Morelia..." This game, superficially, had the same look. United got an early goal, saw the opposition pick up a red, and for about five minutes even United looked a bit unsettled, as if they were saying to themselves "here we go again..." Yet, after that first five minutes, they settled down, and slowly and inexorably killed the game. After the 60th minute I felt certain United was in complete control of the match. They played football that might have seemed a tad boring, but was exhilarating from the perspective of watching one team shut another down. Club America had only two shots the entire match, and Perkins didn't need to make a save on either. United just dominated, and I felt that the game was going to be won. Yes, even after Emilio missed two shots from close range. Even after Boswell missed his headers. While the Morelia equalizer was unlucky, America grabbing a draw would have been Faustian in the depths of its tragedy. This was a good, solid win.

There's a lot of good to see in this game, but part of it must be balanced against two things: America not looking particularly threatening when they went forward, and the entire "They're in preseason form" thing. Still, United in preseason form during the CCC was better looking than either Morelia or America, so that's something as well. United got a good win tonight. If Houston holds on to the lead they have now, then United will need at least a draw to be sure of advancing to the next round. Works for me.

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At 30 July, 2007 07:50, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 30 July, 2007 07:53, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Anyway we had great looks at goal and we still didn't capitalize. There was an Emilio chance as well as that Boswell chance that come to mind. If we can't finish this tournament is over, very soon. Consider the fact that our lone goal was scored by Rod Dyachenko of all people. Was a 0-0 game all that far fetched?

At 30 July, 2007 11:38, Anonymous brian said...

"Consider the fact that our lone goal was scored by Rod Dyachenko of all people."

Seriously. I mean, he's only one of the starting forwards and we have to rely on HIM to score?


At 30 July, 2007 11:42, Anonymous I-66 said...

Dyachenko was gifted his first goal this year, but that one required, yanno, skill, for once. I'm still not sold on him, but I'm not petitioning to send him back to Canada.

At 30 July, 2007 11:43, Anonymous bdr said...

Had a Nowakian feel, especially late, yes?

At 30 July, 2007 11:50, Blogger JCM said...

Carroll actually had a pulse this game. Sure it was thready and weak, but alive is better than dead. Emilio was disappointing but he got really popped early on and I think that put him off his game. Plus, if Gomez' shot off the crossbar goes in, things are much different. This felt like a 2-0 or 3-0 game.

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