17 September 2007

Checking in Overseas

As you know, The DCenters have sort unofficial partnerships with a few other blogs. Let's check in to see how our friends are doing:

HEED ARMY MARCHING: The official UPL team of the DCenters, Gateshead FC, currently have won all of their six league matches and sit third in the UPL table (with two games in hand). Needless to say, the famous (and fabulous) Heed Army is thrilled, so we encourage you to support the team of Ray Hudson's birthplace by checking in with The Heed Army. Matches against Matlock Town and current top-of-the-table Guisely promise to be good tests as the march to the Conference North continues.

HAIL HAIL AND FORZA: Celtic is also top of the table, having not lost a league game. Our friends at The Lord of the Wing sound just as measured as we do during a winning streak though, and we defer to their sangfroid:

We have a big week this week. Two away trips, which potentially could end wie two defeats but we go in to it wie confidence and goals. There's no sense of fear as whisper it for all oor faults we are no a bad side and an entertaining one at that
Measured, but confident. I like that.

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