30 October 2007

New, Updated & Completely Refurbished Links

Hudsonia: Thats right, the Ray Hudson now has his own blog. Well it isn't written by him (at least I don't think so) but it is all his best clips and quotes from his announcing gig. It is a hilarious blog to read through (can't listen at work) and the best part is that there is new material every week. I am amazed at some of the sentences phrases he manages to put together. On behalf of DC United fans everywhere we salute whoever took on this endeavor and would like to submit some the best quotes we have compiled over the years.

Unofficial MLS Club Champion: I am glad to see that somebody is following the unofficial Major League Soccer champion. The DCenters already links to the guys that follow the unofficial world champion, it is good to be able to link to the MLS version. For those of you that have no idea what I am talking about, unofficial championships basically postulate that the champion must defend their title every game. In MLS, the first champion was San Jose, by virtue of beating DC United in the first game of the league on April 6, 1996. The current champion is Chicago. I am really hoping for the unofficial MLS championship to come back to DC United until the 08 season.

US Soccer History: The best site for all the US Soccer history you can take. Think there wasn't a lot out there? Think again.

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