12 November 2007


The Post is writing up the most memorable moments of soccer over the past few decades, but I prefer my nostalgia in a targeted, concentrated form. And I think now, a week after elimination, it's time to start writing the first drafts of history. So I offer you the best and worst moments of the 2007 season, starting with...

The Best

#4: 9 August 2007 ESPN pulls out all the stops to cover the debut of Marc Burch on National Television, and their faith is rewarded as he assists on Emilio's goal.
#3: 22 August 2007 Jamie Moreno sets the MLS All time goal scoring record with a penalty, and Christian Gomez has the game winner as United defeats New York 3 to 1.
#2: 5 August 2007 United breaks away from a season of mediocrity with a comprehensive victory over New England, dominating them throughout the game. Josh Gros with a goal that may typify his career, never giving up on a ball that Matt Reis bobbles, and Emilio with a brace.
#1: 10 June 2007 Ben Olsen grabs a hat trick in the process of single handedly demolishing the Red Bulls. Each goal prettier than the one preceding it. I can't recall a regular season game where I left RFK feeling any happier, and if I had one game from 2007 to stick in the DC time capsule, it would be this one.

The Worst

#3: 14 April 2007 United follows up a lackluster opener in Colorado with a 4-2 drubbing at the hands of Kansas City. This seems like a lifetime ago, when people were starting to mumble about firing Tom Soehn and wondering how long this season could get. You can tell it was a long time ago because Eddie Johnson scored a goal.
#2: 3 April 2007 The game that no one would let Troy Perkins forget. A late goal in the rain that slips between Perkins hands is the difference as Guadalajara advances past United in the CONCACAF Champions' Cup.
#1: 1 November 2007 Watching from a bar in Buffalo, United seems to have completed the impossible comeback, only for the series equalizer to be disallowed. Whiplash of emotion is understatement.

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At 12 November, 2007 10:08, Anonymous Johnny said...

I'd add for the good:
United defeating Beckham and the Galaxy in his first MLS game in front of a sellout crowd at RFK in the rain -- I think we earned ourselves some new fans that day and winning in the rain is a DC tradition.

And I'd add for the bad:
Perkins completely misjudging Beck's freekick in Superliga, sending us packing.

At 12 November, 2007 10:31, Anonymous bdr said...

The worse is still to come: this Sunday at RFK, dressed in black, scarf around neck, watching not-United play not-United.

(The squiggles make me type dcybdr - I swear this is true - which is more payback for god-taunting.)

At 12 November, 2007 10:36, Blogger Ross said...

I was privileged enough to be at the game for Benny hattrick. I was "privileged" enough to also be there for the call back on the last goal vs Chicago on 1 November. Can't decide whether the first was a high enough high to overcome the low of the latter.

At 12 November, 2007 11:35, Blogger John said...

How about beating Chivas Guadalajara at home 1-0 earlier in the year in the rain!?

At 12 November, 2007 12:27, Blogger Juan-John said...

From the June post:

"The New York supporters who made the trip (and credit to them) brought a sign saying "STILL BRUCE'S HOUSE." You may consider this game his eviction notice, and by the way, you're not getting your security deposit back."

I guess Bruce really WAS evicted, huh? :-)

At 12 November, 2007 13:30, Blogger D said...

Johnny: Actually, I think I got that one. It's just presented as it should have been in the list, not as it was.

BDR: To taunt God is to taunt the sleeping dragon. It's vengeance is enormous, but it is tempered by the fact that it is mythical.

Ross: Most seasons end this way. We're fortunate that it only happens to us 67% of the time. The good will ultimately outweigh the bad (the exception is 2005).

John: An excellent moment, tempered by the fact that it was only the first leg.

Juan-John: Heh, I forgot about that line. Wow.


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