07 November 2007

A Tribute to Josh Gros

The news of Josh Gros considering retirement is melancholy in the extreme. I think everyone would respect his decision, no matter what, is a given. I would be happy to see him back, but he must put his health first and foremost. Josh Gros played a hard game that relied on physical conditioning and tenacity, and an injury that forces him to play carefully pretty much robs him of whatever advantage he has. He was a player that played with heart and determination, and that wins support even while we bemoaned his inability to make a cross even if he played solitaire tic-tac-toe.

Role players don't often get tribute matches, but for Josh Gros I would make an exception. Ang given that tribute matches are gimmicky affairs, I think we should have the ultimate gimmick tribute match for Josh. Stage it in Camp Lejune (in honor of Josh's Marine Corps heritage, and to take advantage of their amounts of space), and mark our a special pitch that's 20 yards wide and 200 yards long. Find some out of shape pub team for the opposition, and have Piotr Nowak yell at them the entire game to run up and down the field more. Forbid all aerial balls. Then let Josh loose. He would dominate.



At 07 November, 2007 11:11, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well said, well said. To Josh Gros. Long may he run.

At 07 November, 2007 11:52, Blogger Bill-DC said...

He represented DCU well in his four years here. He will be missed.
Sorry his career was cut short and I wish him much success in whatever he pursues after soccer.

At 07 November, 2007 13:18, Anonymous john said...

Gros is my favorite player. I'm so upset, I must be in the phase known as 'denial' because yesterday I concocted some theory about this all being a ruse that would allow DC to leave him unprotected in the expansion draft and not have to worry about SJ taking him. ;-(

At 07 November, 2007 14:31, Blogger Sean said...

My kit has Josh Gros on the back. I admit, this has less to do with my inherent love of Josh Gros at first so much as Nathan Merchandising Guy posted on BigSoccer that he had Gros jersey in my size for half price.

But Gros ran like hell and had the "passion" that is one of United's three values. We'll miss him.


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