14 December 2007


SI.COM is now retracting their earlier comments:

On the day Juan Sebastian Veron was to tell his teammates of his plans to leave Estudiantes de la Plata and play for D.C. United he realized he couldn't do it...Veron had agreed in principal to a multiyear contract with D.C. United that would have paid him close to $4 million annually. United was so confident in the deal that Veron was scheduled to leave Argentina on Tuesday and be in Washington D.C. for a Wednesday afternoon press conferences where he would be presented with his new jersey and meet his new teammates...It was his old teammates, however, that prevented him from making the move.
"I'm staying because of the fans and my teammates. The truth is that I couldn't say goodbye," Veron told Ole.com. "My teammates' request for me to stay was very important. And I couldn't ignore the fans' affection. It is impossible not to be touched when you are an Estudiantes fan."

Goff is confirming that the deal is off for now:

All those breathless reports you read last night and this morning that Veron had signed and was going to be introduced at RFK Wednesday? How shall I put it.....Dead Wrong. Y'all should know better than trust what you read on that Internet machine...There does remain a possibility a deal could be reached, but as of early this afternoon, it ain't happening.

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At 14 December, 2007 15:19, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I never liked him anyway. Who's next on the list?

At 14 December, 2007 15:58, Anonymous Anonymous said...

ugh. can something positive please happen for the first time since we clinched the supporter's shield?

t'hell with juan sebastian kerry (flip-flopper). who needs him? oh yeah, us if we let gomez go.

At 14 December, 2007 17:14, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Considering what we got in Emilio and Fred last year and considering where we got them, why don't we go for someone who is young and hungry-- perhaps a big fish in a smaller soccer pond. El Salvador? Bolivia?
One thing about DCU-- unlike other (cough) superclubs and would-be galacticos we don't need DPs... we can fill the house and win without them.
One more wish for the new year-- how about picking up a star in the college draft-- it can be done but DCU hasn't had a lot of luck lately.

At 14 December, 2007 17:45, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm happy he's not coming...he wouldn't benefit us at all offensively (though he would help the defense quite a bit, especially with the boz gone). DC should probably just sign Gomez as a dp; he's pretty much good enough.

At 14 December, 2007 18:17, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Veron gave a pretty good interview to clarin outlining his decision (http://www.clarin.com/diario/2007/12/14/deportes/d-06401.htm) in case anyone is interested. It sounds like he made up his mind last weekend at the final game of the season when the fans were pleading with him to stay and he started to regret if this was the last game he would play at Estudiantes. Its a shame because he is still a class player.

At 15 December, 2007 02:11, Anonymous Goose said...

This sucks. His reason for not coming is the same reason that I would've loved having him on DC.

At 15 December, 2007 13:12, Anonymous Anonymous said...

With regard to Claudio Lopez. His club in Argentina just hired a new manager who has requested that the club retain Lopez. Racing had serious problems last season, though. There were serious issues with cliques, the players didn't receive their pay on time and the club underachieved. I would say that Lopez will probably want to stay at Racing because it sounds like they are going to clear out some of the troublemakers but United may be able to tempt him if things don't seem like they will improve in Argentina.


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