13 December 2007

The Ex XI

One of the recurring tropes heard during the transfer season is "Trust in Payne." And while there have certainly been great acquisitions in our history masterminded by the Front Office, exactly how good is United when it comes to making trades? As a game to test the theory, let's put together a starting line-up of players that United have either traded to another MLS team or outright released but then played for an MLS team, and see how good a team we can create. We're going to consider the players as they are today. Players that transferred directly overseas are not considered, since we'd all like Ryan Nelsen back, there wasn't much choice in letting him go. Accordingly, here's the team I can put together.

  • GK Nick Rimando (traded 2006 to Real Salt Lake)
  • LB Brandon Prideaux (traded 2007 to Colorado)
  • CB Mike Petke (traded 2005 to Colorado)
  • CB Bobby Boswell (traded 2007 to Houston)
  • RB Chris Albright (traded 2003 to LA)
  • CDM Brian Carroll (expansion draft 2007 to San Jose)
  • LM Dema Kovalenko (released after 2005, signed with New York after time in the Ukraine)
  • RM Justin Mapp (traded 2003 to Chicago)
  • CM Freddy Adu (traded 2007 to Salt Lake)
  • CF Alecko Eskandarian (traded 2007 to Toronto)
  • CF Jaime Moreno (traded 2002 to New York)

That's my list, and yes, I cheated in using Jaime, but I think the point stands -- They realized they could get him back after trading him, and they got him back. Of the rest of that list, the only player that I might want back and instantly start is Chris Albright (who converted after his trade). That seems perhaps the big mistake player that's out there. I might also be interested in seeing Rimando to push Wells, Petke for defensive depth, and perhaps Justin Mapp and Esky as potential sub options.

But the point remains -- I wouldn't swap this team for the team we have right now, and this could have been the team we have right now if you don't make certain moves (okay, you can't have both Dema and Mapp, since they were traded for each other, but you get my meaning, right?)

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At 13 December, 2007 14:29, Anonymous Johnny said...

Albright's okay, but when he played for us, he was an attacker who couldn't score. He was traded, still couldn't score, and then he was converted into a defensive player. Sure, he's alright, but DC made the right decision to get rid of him when they did.

At 13 December, 2007 15:01, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Albright's okay, but when he played for us, he was an attacker who couldn't score...then he was converted into a defensive player.

Hmmm... Do you think Kpene could add some defensive depth?


At 13 December, 2007 16:48, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm not sure you can really include Freddy in there, because even if he hadn't been traded, he'd be gone now.

At 13 December, 2007 16:59, Blogger D said...

Johnny: True, but we had just as much a chance to convert him to an outside back as LA did, and they saw the opportunity and we didn't.

Anon-1: Hah!

Anon-2: You have a point there. Freddy and Jaime are both cheats, but I'm curious who you would replace him with (of course, a 4-4-2 doesn't necessarily need an attacking type mid, but still). And by the letter of the law in the rules I set out (which I wrote a bit carefully since I couldn't think of a better option then Freddy) then I can use Freddy, but I would prefer someone who is still active in MLS (of course, Esky may no longer be active in MLS if the tryout in Belgium works...)

At 13 December, 2007 17:20, Anonymous Mickey said...

If you were to include players up through the end of the 2007 season, I think Pope was an unfortunate trade - similar to Petke. Nevertheless, I would not be looking to field Pope going into the 2008 season for the same reason that he chose to retire at the end of the 2007 season.

At 13 December, 2007 17:34, Blogger Oscar M. said...

Other options from further back, not an exhaustive list by far, but few players I could remember that have gone on to other teams (maybe Marsch?) and really made a name for themselves.

-- Forwards --
Roy Lassiter
Raul Diaz Arce
Steve Rammel

-- Midfielders --
Jesse Marsch
Richie Williams
Carey Talley
Brian Kamler
John Maessner
Eric Denton

-- Defenders --
Eddie Pope
Carlos Llamosa
Jeff Agoos

At 13 December, 2007 20:28, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just to keep you guys updated on the Veron situation. El Cholo Simeone quit as manager of Estudiantes a few days ago and is widely tipped to take over at River Plate. They were saying over the past few weeks that although Veron and Simeone were both linked with moves away from Estudiantes they weren't tipping their cards because they didn't want to force the other one out by leaving. Well, Simeone played his hand and is leaving in somewhat acrimonious circumstances with the Estudiantes board talking about fighting for some kind of compensation. I'm not really sure how this will affect Veron if he decides to leave (I think he's probably already made up his mind), but I could see this turning up the heat somewhat on him. Some interesting developments to keep up to date on...

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At 14 December, 2007 09:02, Anonymous rick in Ashburn said...

I'd take Mapp back in a heartbeat. We need all the wing help we can get.

At 16 December, 2007 13:19, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Both Albright and Mapp would be good additions to the current team and would probably start.


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