09 January 2008

Bisnow on Victor and Poplar Point

I recently received two e-mails from Bisnow on Business that may be of interest to DC United fans. Bisnow is in its own words, a "People's Magazine for various professional sets in the area." Its commercial real estate e-newsletter recently profiled Victor MacFarlane and his DC real estate ventures. The newsletter had a bunch of interesting factoids about Mr. MacFarlane and if anyone has keener eyes than I they might find the last picture very interesting. The next day Bisnow followed up with an overview of the four Poplar Point proposals. Nothing shockingly new, but it is good overview of the current Poplar Point situation for anyone not paying too much attention to DC United's stadium woes, and extra fodder for those of us following every move.

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At 09 January, 2008 00:26, Anonymous NW FC said...

I could just be seeing things (and I probably am since its late and I believe I have heard otherwise), but is that a stage on the far right part of the stadium in that diagram Victor is standing next to in the final picture of his profile?

At 09 January, 2008 08:24, Blogger Jesse Kaye said...

Imagine if one of the developers is chosen who is not including the stadium is chosen. Victor's going to take his tax revenue generating team to PG County. My vote is on Forest City. Their presentation to the community several weeks ago was really uplifting and their proposal incorporates the most community involvement.


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