25 January 2008


Look, I could write a supplemental draft write-up. Or wait for Kinney or Oscar or Bob to do it. And they still may, I don't know. We're pretty independent here. But frankly, if just for the distance they work for the joke, I'm just gonna refer you to The Fullback Files' post on the matter, and commend to your attention the following:

Round 2 - Dan Stratford (midfielder, West Virginia, Fulham academy)...Good God, I hope he doesn't meet a nice girl named Yvonne--imagine the Developmental Players House Party out-takes . . . "So then I'm stumbling into the room drunk, and there's Stratford-upon-Yvonne." The horror.
Some jokes are there, some jokes you need to work for, and some jokes you need to take a bus and change outside of Chicago to get at. That being said, it's worth the fare.

Also, I've done a bit of work on the blogroll, taking out some people who look like they've gone defunct, adding a few (Plenderleith, for one, and Caught in Posession whose comments right now are almost water-cooler chatter for certain MLSNet writers)

QUICK UPDATE: Soccer City FC (need to get them in the blogroll) has some quotes with the afore-mentioned Mr. Stratford. No word on any names of the Significant Other(s). Which is probably as it should be, Bardesque jokes be damned.

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At 25 January, 2008 23:06, Anonymous Dave Lifton said...

Hell, the only reason I know that site exists is because I was sitting next to him when he launched it...

At 29 January, 2008 02:05, Anonymous cfb said...

Hey, D knows about CIP!!! (I'll ignore the watercooler crack for now) At this rate, readership will hit double digits before the year is out. Man, what a rush.

Do stop in for a chat sometime, lads.


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