31 January 2008

Waiting on me?

There's a post I'm trying to write. Something that incorporates our recent signings, or failure to signs, and the nature of United. I'm just finding it tricky on how to be clear, but let me state the topic outright so you know at least what I'm thinking about. There's been some commentary recently about D.C. United essentially becoming a "South American" side. It seems to me that there's some derision when this is said. And I want to talk about it, but I need to get my head together and be clear about things.


At 31 January, 2008 15:00, Blogger Good Governor said...

For Fodder, cuz I was thinking about this today based on a Goff mussing in how two years in a row we've lost draft picks with potential to leagues that can pay more and we seem to attract Latin American players that are on their way up or possibly on their way down.

At 31 January, 2008 16:43, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Quality over quantity D, take your time

At 31 January, 2008 22:40, Blogger Cuisinier said...

There is nowhere in the world that you will find sure things...not in the draft, not in the transfer mark

South America offers value when you have scouts who can identify it. Payne, in my opinion, is the best at this through the way he personally does it and in how he manages his staff who do it.

The core of every team that has won a championship for DC has a huge latin american influence.

He knows the market very well and knows what to look for. That's the key and that's why I don't think Nichol has much of a chance to find a value.

The style is more consistent with that of MLS than the Euro second leagues...every South American signing typically gives me hope that DC has a new player who is goiong to prove to be worth so much more than price...has been true more often than not.

At 01 February, 2008 10:03, Anonymous Anonymous said...


IMO a lot of it comes down to jealousy, as if it is such a "bad thing" to have these many South Americans, then why is the rest of MLS following our example, and shopping for latin players as well...?



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