08 February 2008

Gomez and Schedule released

First, as we've all been hearing all along and talking about but now its official, Goff reports that Christian Gomez's rights have been traded to Colorado Rapids. I'm not sure why we can negotiate trades so easily with Colorado. Its hard to cheer against them when they play other MLS teams since they love former DCU defenders. Will Gomez turn them around and save Clavijo's job? Who cares, its not our team. As we've said before, not re-signing Christian for Gallardo is a huge, but calculated, gamble. I'm cautiously optimistic about the trade, but I realize its really hard to deal away such a well-known, MLS-tested player as Gomez. We'll always remember him for the 2004 MLS Cup run, the sick goal against Chivas, and drumming in Meadowlands stands with the fans.

United also released their 2008 schedule yesterday. A local TV deal doesn't appear to be hammered out yet, as Comcast times for matches aren't listed. In the past, these are worked out pretty late in the offseason, so its not a cause for panic. The team has 7 regular season games during the week, 6 Sunday games - including a 9am game coinciding with the Euro Cup final, and 17 Saturday games. There are no regular season games scheduled in July, while August will see the team playing 6 games, including NY twice. The Beckham game, since your non-soccer friends will be asking you, is on Sunday June 29th at noon.

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At 08 February, 2008 14:48, Blogger Chris said...

I haven't heard much better excuse for kegs and eggs than DCU at 9 am on a Sunday.

At 08 February, 2008 18:18, Anonymous Mickey said...

For the sake of Colorado fans, hopefully the Gomez for "Future Considerations a la Colorado's Designated Player Slot" will prove to be a better measure of the value of a DP slot on the "open" market than the Chivas-NY trade for Amado.

At 09 February, 2008 18:05, Anonymous Anonymous said...

DC will miss Gomez more than they will love Gallardo, that said, I can't wait to see United's defense/keeper and frankly that's pretty much all I'm interested in this season. (That and Niell. What a cute little goalscorer he is. lol)

At 09 February, 2008 22:09, Anonymous Greifie said...

I don't see a 9 am game on the schedule. The noon game against LA (if that is what you mean) is at home. It's only 9 am for those chumps on the west coast.


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