07 February 2008


Is anyone else at least somewhat relieved that there was a 2-2 draw in the USA-Mexico match last night? I get the sense that occasionally US fans believe their own hype when it comes to "owning" Mexico on U.S. Soil, and so a gentle reminder that to our fans now is a useful thing, especially in a friendly. They can't all be 2-0. Better now than later. This is a quick thought, I'm working on a bit more later.



At 07 February, 2008 12:14, Blogger Brian said...

I for one, am happy that we didn't win. Don't get me wrong, I wanted us to win, but I think a draw or even a loss to Mexico in teh USA would/will go a long way for the younger guys. They need to understand that these matches aren't easy and that we need to fight tooth and nail against Mexico whenever we play them.

At 07 February, 2008 13:03, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had to go to bed because I'm an early riser for work, the last thing I saw was Dempsey put it in the net. In my world, the U.S. won 3-1 and I'm thrilled that we "won"
Seriously though, a great thing about our owning Mexico lately is that we are only getting better-- once US talent really comes into its own (Altidore, Adu) we can start beating them in Mexico and that will be sweet. I don't think the younger players need any reminding that Mex is a big game. No such thing as a friendly. And I want the US to beat Mexico every freaking time (whenever I start to waver, I just get an image of Sanchez trying to take out Johnson after the goal last year-- childish)
Purpose of the game it to win right?

At 07 February, 2008 15:21, Blogger Kali said...

I cringed when you-know-who actually used the word "owned" on last night's broadcast.

But, yeah, to answer your question, I am a little relieved. I didn't think we deserved to win, really, but I didn't want us to lose, either.

At 07 February, 2008 16:14, Blogger D said...

Brian/Kali: Yeah, we're in the same boat here. I would have even accepted a loss, provided it was the kind of loss that was caused by a phantom foul in the box leading to a Mexico penalty, two overly harsh red cards, and culminated with Ben Olsen rushing the field from the stands to take on Marquez. That would have nicely raised the stakes for the next decade or so. But this is about right. We were outplayed somewhat, but our kids did alright. The draw is fine, and will not lead to a false sense of security. We go into WCQs appreciating the challenge.

Anon K: Well, yes, we play to win the game, but some games are more important. A draw now serves to stiffen the backbone for the eventual home, at home, series we'll have with Mexico (provided we make it to the hexagonal stage...) I want the US to beat Mexico every time, but I really want them to beat Mexico when something is on the line other than a friendly.

At 07 February, 2008 18:33, Blogger tucksider said...

i think it's very clear that if DCU weren't wasting all this money on South American players, an MLS-developed US side would have totally trounced Mexico last night...

At 07 February, 2008 18:40, Blogger D said...

OK, I confess. I laughed at that.


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