07 March 2008

Status Q-uo

So it is done, and Santino Quaranta returns to United. I stand by my previous comments, but let me make this clear. I will not root against, or not support Tino. I support the shirt, and if Tino is in that shirt then I shall support him. Yet there will be some detachment, a sense of judgement at all times.

There have been many thoughtful comments in our previous post, many which point out very reasonable objections to my feelings, other from people who feel similarly. And really, I think, this is one of those situations that can be up to individual fans and their own (ir)rationalities. And let me be clear on one other thing -- I want Tino to prove me wrong, to demonstrate to all of us that he clearly belongs. But part of me is also concerned that the biggest hurdle to this might not be a long struggle to regain his form, but instead if he gets success too early. We know that he has mentally responded to a challenging situation with the right attitude, but if things go well will it be tempting to slide back to the way things were? How he handles success may be just as, if not more, important than how he has handled getting cut from New York. I want Tino to succeed, but I am wary.

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At 07 March, 2008 16:14, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lionel Messi said, "Play for the name of the front of the shirt and they'll remember the name on the back." Well, if Tino puts numbers up for the name on the front, I might appreciate the name on the back. But he's gotta earn it.


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