12 February 2008

Grab a Cup of Coffee and a "I Voted in Arlington" Sticker

RANDOM POLITICAL RANT: Yes, it is cold this morning, but I still managed to drag myself to my local polling place and vote. Now, frankly, I'm not sure that one individual vote matters, but I'm pretty sure that politicians care about the types of people who vote. Old people vote, so politicians care about them. If nothing else, the fact that people under 40 (let alone under 30 like me) are getting out to the polls makes me think that perhaps some politicians will actually stop writing off the kids as people they can ignore. Plus, I want myself a soccer stadium. That may not be on the ballot, but if people who do want soccer stadiums vote, then maybe that'll be a nice bonus. Okay, that's a dream. But still...

FIFA LOVES EL DIABLO: I'm not sure what prompted FIFA.COM to run a "Marco Etcheverry - Not Just in Bolivia" article, but I like it. One of the things that this league is in danger of occasionally is losing touch with its past while it tries to reconfigure for future growth. We're fortunate in that "Tradition" is not just a catch-phrase around these parts, but something we take somewhat seriously. In a little over a decade, we have had some great moments. Let's not forget our early years. I think this guy agrees with me, and I also am pretty sure he's doing something about it.

DID YOU EVER PLAY SIM CITY AND RUN OUT OF ROOM TO ZONE COOL THINGS IN? Tim Lemke in the Times has an interesting article about the pace of stadium construction in the USA. One of the things I think it highlights is the fact that we need to move on the stadium situation now, in the next year or two, or the entire situation nation-wide may be bogged down beyond belief:

"We look at the U.S. pro sports market as about 80 percent built out," said Bob White, director of marketing for Kansas City-based architect HOK Sport Venue Event, whose numerous designs include Oriole Park and Nationals Park. "So we're not at the end of that phase, but we can certainly see the end."

"SYNERGY" - NOT JUST A CORPORATE BUZZWORD. OKAY, IT PROBABLY IS. HOW ABOUT "WIN-WIN" INSTEAD?Kyle McCarthy breaks down the Gomez to Colorado trade: "this deal benefits both teams and the league." I agree.

IF LA CAN PAY HIM, HE SHOULD GO: It's no secret that I like Jay Needham, if just because he was willing to do an interview with us. So the story that he might be heading to LA (via Goff) saddens me, since I think L.A. is pretty atrocious to people who aren't marquee attractions. But if they can pay him above the developmental salary, he should take the money and DC, not being willing to pay him, should trade him. I would want him here, but he had every right to want more than $30K for his services, and his time at Puerto Rico vindicated his decision.

Busy day for me, but I'll see if I can check back in later.

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At 12 February, 2008 13:56, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does one persons vote count? I'm not sure either but you get a free taco at Cal Tor if you wear in your "I Voted" sticker. See? Politics can do positive things quickly.

At 12 February, 2008 14:18, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If candidate A gets 5000 votes, and candidate B gets 4000 votes, then it took 4001 votes to get A into office.

So if your vote was one of the 4001, it mattered. If your vote was one of the 999 extraneous votes, then you could argue that it didn't matter.

The odds (about 4:1 in this case) are that your vote did matter after all.

- rke

Oh, and nice article about the Gomez trade. I've made my peace with it at this point. I wouldn't be surprised to see some success in Colorado out of this, and I agree that MLS does well by the trade.

At 12 February, 2008 19:21, Blogger Shatz... said...

Statistically that makes some sense, but in reality I disagree.

Vote #4001 doesn't matter any less than vote #4002. Because if the guy who cast #4001 decided to stay home instead, the result would not have changed because #4002 would have still got candidate A elected. So each vote is really worth the same.

At 12 February, 2008 19:57, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not to turn this into a political blog, but in this world of caucuses and delegates, every vote counts.

In many states, the margin of victory plays into the delegate allocation.

So, probably at several breakpoints beyond the simple majority, a single vote counts.

MD polls will now be open until 9:30, due to weather. So...go out and vote, it really might make a difference.

Oh, and DCenters is definitely my fav soccer blog. I'm loving the offseason analysis.

At 13 February, 2008 09:07, Blogger Sean said...

There seems to be this mythical legend around Jay Needham. If just only we had given him a senior contract, he would have stayed with the team and been amazing. The incredible number of people who keep asking about Needham on Goff is testament to this view.

But, of course, that's simply all conjecture. From Goff's reports, Needham did okay with the USL Puerto Rico team, but not amazing. And if Needham had a senior roster spot, who would we not have put in one? Not promoted Burch?

I'm glad he's working out with a MLS team, but to make Needham the poster child for "great player who turned down MLS because we can't pay," is just conjecture and speculation.

At 14 February, 2008 19:56, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, I don't know about the rest of you, but RANT is a really cool word. If you're ever listening to someone rant and just want them to shut the hell up, just say the word RANT over and over in your head. It should cheer you up.

Sorry, that was completely random, haha.


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