15 February 2008

Stadium Links Roundup

Curious placement of ads...

Any talk of getting a stadium in the district should be welcome, although color me pessimistic about the team being offered a good deal by the current mayor. Unfortunately, Fenty burned a lot karma with United fans by the changing the parameters of the Poplar Point deal at the last minute and opening the bidding in a way that looked like it purposefully excluded MacFarlane's plans.

I'm not saying that the District owes DC United a sweetheart deal, or that DC should enter into a deal that doesn't make financial sense for the city - D's written about criteria to evaluate said proposal as much in the past. We should be suspicious the latest offer. It does show that the mayor may really want to keep United in DC - and more tellingly, that the team leaving the city is a distinct possibility. Now have 2 suitors in the District government and Maryland, which is 2 more than we had just a few months ago.

Thoughts from the blogosphere:
  • Center Holds It: "Still, all cause for elation aside, a couple warps and wrinkles loom."
  • Sideline Views: "I mean, how the Rapids have a nice place but D.C. has to play in a fossil of a stadium is strange."
  • The Offside Rules: "before all you DCenters start throwing your celebratory tailgate down on the Anacostia there are two things you should note."
  • UnitedMania: "It is unclear how the funds will be distributed and what the city will pay for"


At 17 February, 2008 13:18, Blogger mighty said...

Fenty's new "deal" is an attempt to woo the citizens of DC and Ward 8, in particular, for his next election. Though bad press has been limited to DC Fans , Ward 8 residents and Barry followers he has to attempt to save face and stem the voice of desent so that in 2 years time when it is time to run for Mayor he can say "hey, I demanded that DC United help pay for a soccer stadium that I approved." When we all know that this is what DC United wanted all along.
Fenty is attempting to rewrite his own political history.......


At 19 February, 2008 13:56, Blogger A.T. said...

Oh where, oh where have our DCenters gone? Oh where, oh where could they be? It's been four days since their last lovely post. Oh where, oh where could they be?

Come on kids...I need a fix of the good stuff!


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