28 April 2008

Get Busy

The nominees for the Sierra Mist Goal of the Week are up. I love that both Quaranta and Gallardo are nominated. I told my wife that if I was doing the debrief for this match, my Six Word Novel Recap would have been "Quaranta GOTW for only thirteen minutes".

For me, personally, Gallardo's goal is easily GOTW and I would think a strong contender for GOTY. But currently, Amado Guevara's bending free kick is leading the voting with 52% of the votes to Gallardo's 27%. So like I said, get busy people!

"Thanks for coming!"

(4/29 15:55) Gallardo 32%, Guevara 51%
(4/29 10:21) Gallardo 34%, Guevara 35%
(4/28 21:24) Gallardo 39%, Guevara 39%
(4/28 16:06) Gallardo 44%, Guevara 34%

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At 28 April, 2008 12:04, Anonymous Anonymous said...

To my recollection this is the first DCU vs. TFC GOTW derby. Time for DCU fans to step it up for Gallardo's fantastic strike.

At 28 April, 2008 13:04, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gallardo now has 40% of the votes to Guevara's 38%...keep voting!!!

At 28 April, 2008 13:09, Blogger Bob said...

Any one know what the rules about voting are? I can't find any guidance as to whether or not you can only vote once, once per day or as many times as you want.

At 28 April, 2008 18:09, Blogger rke said...

If DC fans and TFC fans negate, the neutral votes will easily go to Gallardo. No question, it's the best strike. I've watched it many times and could watch it many more...

At 29 April, 2008 00:19, Blogger A.Noel said...

vote early and often!

At 29 April, 2008 11:56, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gallardo is down 35 to 45
Come on DCU supporters!

At 29 April, 2008 12:06, Anonymous Anonymous said...

DCU history question-- Toronto sings Danny Dichio in the 17th min (?) because that's when the team scored its first home (?) goal.

What player's name would DC fans sing and what min would we sing?


At 29 April, 2008 16:34, Anonymous Bootsy said...

Thor Lee!


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