10 July 2008

An Expert Opinion on The Moves of Ben Olsen

The news that Ben Olsen would be out 4-8 weeks, just days after his inspirational return to the pitch, is naturally heartbreaking. But after discussing his Dick's sporting Goods commercial, we wondered how he felt he would be after his surgery. Would he still have the moves that he casually announced to Brian Ching and Christian Gomez? What other moves does Ben Olsen have that he can bring back to the pitch in his return? To answer those questions, there was only one place to go... to the man himself. So providing the expert opinion on the moves of Ben Olsen will be Ben Olsen. Ben, welcome to the DCenters.

Hey, yeah, good to be here. You know, I could write a blog. But it wouldn't be about soccer. It would be about, I think, the works of David Salle, and the influence he's had. And about how Bobby Boswell doesn't understand neo-expressionism.

That would be an interesting topic. Anyway, Ben, the rules are simple. We'll show you a move on TV, and you let us know if that's a move that you have. Ready?

I think I can handle that.

Excellent. Here's the first one.

Yeah, I got that move.

Yeah, I got that move.

Yeah, I got that move.

Yeah, I got that move.

No, I can't... Wait a minute, I forgot, Yeah, I got that move. Just haven't used it recently.

Yeah, I got that move.

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At 10 July, 2008 16:11, Blogger jrnail23 said...

I love Benny Olsen, my absolute favorite MLS player... We just need him to master the move of healing his ankles quickly.

Maybe he can get some advice from the cheerleader from Heroes!

Heal the caveman, heal the season ;)

At 11 July, 2008 10:35, Anonymous Goose said...

You're in trouble, boy.

At 11 July, 2008 10:40, Blogger D said...

Don't you just want Ben to start using that as a catch phrase in his return to action?

At 11 July, 2008 13:46, Anonymous Anonymous said...

maybe that explains some of the recent affinity between basketball and soccer stars. Both sports have "moves" while other sports (baseball, football) don't really have "moves" per se...


At 11 July, 2008 15:15, Anonymous Goose said...

D, more than anything.

At 11 July, 2008 17:32, Anonymous DCUinCT said...

I'm missed these silly interview posts. You have a good sense of humor. Hopefully you can do more in the future.

I expect Ben will have more time for blogging over the next few weeks, but hopefully he'll be back soon.


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