30 March 2009

First Impressions -- L.A. Sol 2 : 0 Washington Freedom

Okay, yes, I do plan on writing about the Freedom whenever I have a chance to observe their games. And let's set the ground rules on how covering women's soccer will be different than covering men's soccer -- there will be some differences based on media coverage and availability (Debriefings may not happen for that reason), but I intend to evaluate Freedom games with the same eye I use for United games. Which brings us to last night's FSC debut. It was bad.

Let me rephrase. The quality of soccer issue is a canard, the question is whether the games are enjoyable (they seem to be) and whether the Freedom look smart. The answer is that Abby Wambach should prepare herself for a long season. The Freedom midfield provided the quality of service associated with a Best Buy Extended Warranty. Brianna Scurry gifted LA's first goal by failing to either punch the ball out of the box on a free kick (her best option) or holding on to the ball for the save (what she tried, and failed, to do). The defense had difficulties with Marta, but otherwise was decent.

But, oh, the midfield. Couldn't pass, couldn't carry, couldn't create. Maybe it was being on the road, maybe it's the lack of time for the team to gel, but this loss is theirs and theirs alone.

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At 30 March, 2009 09:38, Blogger Bob said...

Thanks for this, D. I was a three-time season ticket holder to the Freedom of the Mia Hamm era. This time around, I doubt I'll be venturing to the SoccerPlex. But I'm a huge Abby Wambach fan and hopefully she is given better opportunities as the season progresses.

At 30 March, 2009 11:16, Anonymous Jeremy said...

I was a fan of the Freedom in the WUSA days, and was looking forward to this match for a long time.

I agree, the Freedom midfield was dreadful. I think that Sawa needs more time to gel with the team, and that Bompastor's visa issues really hurt the chemistry. Hopefully it gets better.

Honestly, the performance reminded me of WNT performances from the past couple of years, where the midfield is an oversight. Only the Freedom don't have three world class forwards tracking all the way back into defense to make plays heppen themselves.

Hopefully time will improve things.

At 30 March, 2009 11:50, Blogger rke said...

Didn't get to see the whole match, but from what I saw, Marta is in a league of her own. LA will be a hard team to beat as long as she's there.

I thought that Bompastor looked pretty good, but agree that midfield/offense lacked chemistry.

I wonder how the other teams look...

At 30 March, 2009 12:28, Anonymous Kat said...

Hopefully in future games the Freedom will improve as a team. Bompastor and Sawa look promising, but haven't played with the team that much yet (neither played at the pre-season game against Sky Blue). Abby I am praying will recover 100% from her injury. She was pretty slow yesterday. I wish more of her teammates helped her. Defense was decent, they were able to contain Marta. Although Bri Scurry looked pretty pissed with how her team was doing. They improved their offense at the 2nd half though. Still the lame passing and turnovers made me yell at the tv a couple of times. I really hope their chemistry will improve. The US Women's National Team does not have star players like Marta (especially when they lost Abby to injury), did not have a league in their country after WUSA and before the WPS started (while the other countries had their players playing in leagues), and yet they managed to be the #1 team in the world for women's soccer. It's all because of chemistry. These girls spent a lot of time training together and playing together and they can read off of each other.

The Freedom has 2 weeks before they battle Tarp and the Chicago Red Stars. I have faith. Plus, their red jersey looks cool.

At 30 March, 2009 16:23, Blogger D said...

Bob/Jeremy: It's good to have a league back. Oh yes.

RKE: I will concede Bompastor could be very good, and it is by no means a foregone conclusion that the midfield will be as awkward looking for the season as it was on Sunday.

Kat: I agree with you. Abby is still recovering, and I wish her all the best. If anyone has the ability to rehab her legs to awesome kick-assingness, it is her.

And the red jerseys are awesome.

Interesting point of fact: I actually know someone pretty well named Kat, but I doubt it is you. But it makes for a strange moment :)


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