19 April 2009

Our adidas Contest Finalists

OK, our contest finalists are presented here. We will announce winners on Monday, and certainly if you have any strong opinions about who should win, please let us know. Remeber, ultimately this is a matter of taste. I want to thank everyone who submitted entries (we had about 20 total entries). Submitted for your consideration:

First, a few non-finalists that I enjoyed. RKE gave us this:

"Lured by swag, D sells out."

Damn straight! If I can get you guys adidas swag, and they're cool about providing it, then hell yes.

Kevin G, our old friend, gave us these two:

"DC United make Celtic Look Good." -- Right, like at that friendly a few years ago?

"Go Washington Freedom. Oh. Wrong Blog." -- No my friend, the right blog indeed.

Also, I admit that "Fenty, Fenty, Fenty, Fenty, Fenty ugh." from Anonymous K had a simple beauty, but I am going to disqualify it because it isn't quite D.C. United explicit enough.

There were also a few adidas themed entries, and since adidas and the PR folk were kind enough to do this thing, I want to let them know how much they were appreciated. Here are some of those:

"Winners wear adidas and watch soccer"

" adidas, soccer unite; take over America" - Kelly

"adidas sells DCU stuff, sales skyrocket." - Anonymous K

So I wanted to share those notes of thanks from our readers to adidas for sponsoring this contest. And now...

The Finalists:

"Mortal enemies: Ben Olsen, razor blades." -- Anonymous K (Personally, I can imagine Ben staring a Gilette Mach 3 Turbo in his bathroom, then challenging the blade with "Oh, you're in trouble boy")

"mozart music shakespeare drama United soccer" - Fabian (Truly, the finer things in life)

"First, adidas store. Second, United stadium." - Kelly (setting a timeline I hope to agree with.)

"Freddy Plays. DC Wins. Pops smiles." - Josh (The backstory? Josh tells us " San Jose @ DC - April 3, 2004. This was my father's last game in person before passing away from cancer on April 13, 2004. We had season tickets together for the previous 7 years." Even at my most cynical has to admit that I, well, got a bit sniffly. Allergies, no doubt.)

"Pontius Scores. Party Boy Celebration Ensues." - Erik (who thinks that this captures the "relation to 'Jackass: the Movie' and goal scoring." Certainly I hope so.)

"Cups and glory, that's our story." - Brendan (as nice a summation as you will see, and a rhyming couplet.)

Those are your finalists. Feel free to share opinions in the comments. Winners will be announced on Monday.

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At 19 April, 2009 22:38, Blogger Jilian said...

my vote... "Freddy Plays. DC Wins. Pops smiles." :)

At 20 April, 2009 16:50, Blogger Clive said...

I guess it really comes down to whether you want to be sentimental or funny.

At 20 April, 2009 23:50, Anonymous Anonymous said...

the celebration?


At 21 April, 2009 11:43, Anonymous Juan-John said...

"Cups and glory, that's our story."

Gives a whole new meaning to the term supporter cup, and no, I don't mean the trophy... :-)

At 28 April, 2009 16:32, Blogger Jilian said...

I guess 'on Monday' could be any Monday ;)


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