16 April 2009


Sometimes you face the principled opposition. Certainly there are and will be principled opponents to whatever stadium deal comes forward. But it is also a useful reminder that some stadium opposition will simply be "We're against it because they are for it" people. Citizens whose anger searches for an issue, the same way I simply search for a drink when I'm thirsty. It's not about the particulars, it's about generalities. It's worth remembering because there will no doubt be opposition to whatever stadium deal United arrives at next, and politicians may fear a grass-roots backlash of some sort. But the people lining up at the microphones may not hate the deal so much as the politicians, and without a stadium to complain about, they're still going to line up.

Just a reminder.

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At 16 April, 2009 12:16, Anonymous Jeremy said...

Too many people in the DC Metro area labor under the mistaken impression that this is a true democracy and that their opinions actually matter.

As the legislators do not have the strength to stand up to any politcal action group, nothing can ever be accomplished, as there will always be a group opposing whatever measure is proposed.

At this point, United could buy private land, fully fund a stadium and all of the infrastructure upgrades and send free tickets to every resident of the county / city that the stadium is built in and there would still be opposition to it that would manifest in permits being denied, etc.

At 16 April, 2009 13:21, Blogger Cavan said...

This was an example of the usual CAVE (Citizens Against Virtually Everything) whining that always goes on whenever anyone wants to do anything. It's a real shame the the Prince George's Council was so easily swayed by what is always a loud but small constituency.


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