21 July 2009

Game Recap FAIL

Sorry folks. At this point it may be too late... Consider this an open thread for your comments on Saturday night's impressive win over Colorado.

1. The At A Glance stats have been updated on the sidebar. Gomez has provided three goals and two assists in the past 5 MLS matches.
2. Namoff is leading GOTW voting, 38% to 34% over Alecko of LAG. Honestly, in terms of a combination of Gomez's hard work along with Fred's patience, I thought the third goal was more impressive. Emilio continued his run and gave Fred a good option as he was holding off (!!!) the keeper. You don't see that everyday.
3. No goals for Casey, so, yay.

US Open Cup tonight at some place called Boyds, MD and then the teams travels to San Jose for a 10:30pm EST matchup on Saturday. I wonder if my hotel in Corning, NY will have FSC.

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At 21 July, 2009 16:40, Blogger The AMT said...

I commented after the Fred goal to whomever was around me that I hope Fred gets a look at power forward for the off-season basketball team. He's obviously got some good post up moves.

At 24 July, 2009 13:42, Blogger tucksider said...

Namoff's goal was damn sharp, but I wouldn't have been too sad if Esky had won this week.

At 25 July, 2009 14:27, Anonymous rollotomasi said...

even though it has passed, Boyds MD is basically Germantown and the place they played at was the main field of a area called the Germantown Soccerplex..FYI.

At 26 July, 2009 08:28, Blogger Bob said...

rollotomasi - I know that. I was just making fun of the fact that this game wasn't being played at RFK.


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