12 January 2007

DCenters' Draft Day Guide

This is for the fanaticos who follow the superdraft in the midst of the biggest signing in MLS history. Below are a list of the best combine reports, player rankings, and mock drafts for this year's draft. Read up before noon, when you can follow the proceedings on ESPN (well the first round at least) or on your computer at MLSnet. First things first however, here is the official list of players, the draft order, and the list of Generation Adidas players. EDIT: Goff has a great article on the draft in this morning's paper.

3rd Degree
Written by Buzz Carrick these are the creme de la creme of the bunch. He is so good ESPN hired him to be the Mel Kiper of MLS. Check out his EPSN top 25 prospects as well as his striker, midfielder, defender, and goalkeeper ratings, but the best stuff is at his matchnight site where he has updated the player ratings since the draft.

Forward ratings
Midfielder ratings
Defender ratings
Goalkeeper ratings

Combine Day 1
Combine Day 2
Combine Day 3
Combine Wrap-Up

Top Drawer Soccer
Usually a pay site, they have provided this year's combine content for free. Possibly the preeminant youth and college soccer site. They also have a nice three part series from the player's perspective, written by draft hopeful Greg Dalby.

Combine Day 1
Combine Day 2
Combine Day 3

A BigSoccer poster and DC United fan, sitting behind him at last years draft was eye opening. He made a lot of different calls that look very good in retrospect and there were only a handful of players in the whole draft that he didn't recognize. DCenters already posted JoeSoccerFan's combine reports, but we will link them here for you as well.

Combine Day 1
Combine Day 2
Combine Day 3

JoeSoccerFan's DRAFT PACKAGEā„¢

Mock Drafts
Below are two mock drafts. One by a professional that only does the first round and most likely got it very wrong. Another by a DCU fan who did all four rounds and probably has one of the better first round mocks I have seen.

Jeff Carlisle at ESPN (first round only)
Zman Gunner at BigSoccer

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