07 January 2007

JoeSoccerFan's Combine Report - Day 1

Unoffical DC United draft guru and BigSoccer poster JoeSoccerFan traveled down to Fort Lauderdale to watch the combine this year. His reports are in this thread on BigSoccer, but he gave DCenters the permission to reprint them here for easier reading. If you are a BigSoccer poster please rep him for the scouting reports. Other very good if less DCU oriented reports can be found at 3rd Degree and Top Drawer Soccer. Also, be sure to check out Buzz's ranking of the top prospects at 3rd Degree while you are there.

Team Azteca

Christman, Adam - Forward - UVA
actually played ok - good shooting and crossing; maybe another team will find him desirable - please not DCU

Cummings, Omar - Forward - Cincinnati


Douglass, Justin - Defender - Missouri State
2H RB; nothing impressive

Guadarrama, Willy - Forward - Campell
worst player on the team; slowed down attacks to make bad passes, shots or decisions; forcing too much in the AM role

Helton, Kyle - Defender - Duke
got caught ball watching on the 2nd goal; doesn't get wide enough in transition;

Krizanovi, Tommy - Forward - Jacksonville
scored only goal by turning harden; only played 2nd H;

LaBrocca, Nick - Midfielder - Rutgers

horrible. If not for Guadarrama would have taken worst player

Marfuggi, Phil - Goalkeeper - Clemson


McGrane, Justin - Midfielder - Northern Illnios

didn't impress

Omekanda, Simon - Forward - Penn State
tried to be fancy; but not doing simple stuff; didn't take enough people on 1v1 to showcase his skills

Patterson, Randi - Forward - UNC Greensboro

very quick; very dangerous; didn't create much - looked more to get service. I like a lot

Richards, Dane - Forward - Clemson
fast - just didn't do anything

Sambursky, Mike - Forward - South Carolina
didn't look comfortable in the back; but I think this is where he may wind up in MLS if he's able to adapt.

Solle, Ryan - Midfielder - Wake Forest

Soumare, Boukary - Defender - UVA
beast in the air. Top 5 pick; question - 1v1 defending in open space

Team Tango

Boukhemis, Karim - Midfield - Marshall
didn't do anything

Cunliffe, John - Forward - Ft. Lewis
Wow-wee! This guy is class; he's MLS quality.

Curfman, Steven - Midfielder - Wake Forest
wind hurt his service; just not too excited about a player that isn't a starter on his college team.

Ebert, Eric - Midfielder - California
lumbering; inconsistent; at times good passing at other times horrible.

Faz, Luis - Midfielder - None
tries to be clever; not able to do the simple things. How is he on a combine roster?

Findlay, Robbie - Forward - Oregon State
Best guy on his team; cracker of a shot; creating his own shot; good dribbling and making space; made a terrific pass to setup moojen who blew the shot.

Harden, Ty - Defender - Washington
not impressed; doesn't have athletic ability; beat on goal

Harrington, Michael - Defender - UNC

very quick; looked good; passing was top-notch; didn't have his normal brain fart; didn't try and be cute; played very simple; improved in my mind

Hayden, John - Midfielder - Indiana
did well

Ibrahim, Abdus - Midfielder - None

Kent, Jarod - Midfielder - ODU
hurt early in 1st half did not return

Kirby, Zach - Defender - Boston
showed well

Moojen, Frederico - Forward - Clemson
candidate for worst player on the field

Noble, Nick - Goalkeeper - WVU
showed very well; best gk of the day

Norman, Nate - Midfielder - Notre Dame
ok - nothing special

Smith, Jarrod - Forward - WVU
big strong player with skill need to watch a little more; interested

Team Geist

Alvarez, Gerardo - Forward - Northwestern
not impressed

Asante, Rich - Midfielder - Syracuse
skilled - just doesn't do to much

Chandler, Aaron - Forward - San Francisco
blew goal scoring opps. Don't think he can play fwd in this league - can't score

Colaluca, Nick - Midfielder - UVA
silky smooth on the ball - 2nd half only

Cunliffe, Alex - Midfield - Fairfield
calm; made 1 killer diagonal pass beating 3 players 40 yards

Guy, Ryan - Forward - San Diego
horrible early (nerves?); passing was bad; looked better later when he was taking on players

Hughes, Justin - Goalkeeper - UNC

worst player on the team; goalies are supposed to be able to catch the ball not just deflect it.

Jones, Scott - Midfielder - UNC Greensboro
best player for the team; steady

Loftus, Chris - Forward - Duke
pure shit; wandering around; I moved around more in the stands. Huge disappointment

MacDonald, Hugh - Defender - Monmouth
didn't do anything that impressed

Meier, Billy - Defender - Wisconsin-Milwaukee
not impressed

Needham, Jay - Defender - SMU

Thompson, Wells - Midfielder - Wake Forest
looked slowed; played in the middle???

Trott, Josh - Forward - Holy Cross
Ran hard, eh; didn't accomplish much

Wileman, Chase - Midfielder - SMU
didn't impose his little self

Team Tricolor

Altcheck, Charles - Forward - Harvard
didn't do anything

Ashe, Corey - Forward - UNC
quick;didn't do much to get around the corner.

Dalby, Greg - Midfielder - Notre Dame
best player for the team; steady; terrific 1st touch

Daniels, Andrew - Forward - Brown
huge kid; needs to do more; played fwd 1st h; rb in 2H; interesting.

DiRaimondo, John - Midfielder - Saint Louis
good crosses

Elcock, Edson - Forward - ODU
dangerous, just not able to put himself in a goal scoring opp.

Evans, Brad - Forward - UC-Irvine

looked dangerous

Hall, Tally - Goalkeeper - San Diego State

Hohlhein, Aaron - Defender - Wisconsin

Marples, Nigel - Defender - Towson
good; showed well

Monteiro, Jerson - Forward - UAB

very interesting. I want to see more

Purdy, Steve - Defender - California

Tudela, Josh - Midfielder - Indiana
calming; broke up a lot of the attack;pretty fluid

Ubiparipovic, Sinisa - Midfielder - Akron
very composed; started many of the attacks

Ustruck, Erik - Forward - Santa Clara
interesting - I want to see more of him

Random Extra Goalkeeper

Konopka, Chris - Goalkeeper - Providence
not bad; saw him "running" the 40 before the match - I might be able to give him a run for his money; in goal looked ok; would hate to see him come out of his area.