10 January 2007

Stomp the Rink

Lots to talk about in the next few days. Start yourself off by reviewing JoeSoccerFan's Day 3 2007 MLS Combine report. Enjoy the wire reports on the second Barra invasion of the phone booth: "boisterous", "fun", and "hooligans...usually seen at D.C. United games in the MSL [sic]... bringing a fun atmosphere to an otherwise half-empty building." This last article of course uses this as a peg to slam soccer, but somehow instead does more damage to the Flyers' performance. Oh you local sports writers, will your humor never start? (OffWing notes that our proud representatives from the Barra were seated right in front of the pressbox. Excellent.)

We're in the final few days before the SuperDraft, so I encourage you to brush up on your draft knowledge. The DCenters will try and publish a cheat sheet for you in the future.

Also, last night the DCenters was one of the many local DC blogs invited over to the Washington Post for a blogging summit. Most of the actual proceedings are probably, at this time, of little interest to you, but I do want to talk about a quick conversation I had and what it might mean for the stadium. Provided I can carve out enough time in my day to get those thoughts down, it'll be coming. For a full round-up of what actually happened, check out DC Metblogs, and I'm sure other will have their thoughts up in a bit..

Finally, aren't you glad your relationship isn't like this? (Almost perfect, -1 for not using "Citeh")

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