18 April 2005

Crew 1, United 0

Well, for a loss that was pretty entertaining. DCU had some chances (which they haven't finished, again...) and some of the reserves looked pretty good. Here's a quick reference:

  • Troy Perkins - That goal ain't your fault, as you were screened more frequently than a South Park Episode.
  • Freddy Adu - Some are no doubt going to question that shoving match, but I like a little spirit. Yes, when watching Freddy you can see more flops than the World Series of Poker, but aside from one awful pass, he played well.
  • Defense - The back line wasn't perfect, but it fed the ball well to the midfield. Still, I'd prefer a health Prideaux/Namoff.
  • Nowak - I think starting a bunch of reserves was a good idea, and getting ejected was the second most entertaining thing in MLS this week. For the first, see a post above.


  • Walker/Quaranta - You can be forgiven for not knowing they were in the game.
  • Finishing - This is the only thing that is really worrying me right now. Getting chances is fine, but you have to find the net, and this sort of thing becomes worse to break the longer it goes on.
  • The Ref - The penalty that led to the goal was ridiculous, and now we are officially owned karma having paid everything for the MLS final.