10 May 2005

Catching Up

Sorry to be away for so long, but I was dealing with several things like business trips and a permanent change of address. So let's review...

DC 3, Revs 4: A strange game that apparently had a wonderful atmosphere. It did feature the end of the DC scoring drought to some degree, although the fact that PKs were involved still made you wonder about their finishing ability for normal chances.

KC 0, DC 0: A draw, which was fine by me even if the game was horrible to watch on ESPN.

DC 3, Columbus 1: See, if Columbus had done anything with the unofficial championship, DC would have won it back here on a great effort that could have used some better Defensive mid play after the interval. Nice to see Adu get his first PotW award from MLS. Better to see the game on CSN, and to be somewhat amused that the grass pattern isn't exactly perpendicular to the sidelines.

Next game? @ Revs, and revenge time.

Other good news? Defensive players becoming available again, Dema being in a game and not getting a red card. Okay, so he was in for about 3 minutes, but progress is progress.