19 August 2005

Mercy Killing

(Above: Chancellor Schroeder shows more touch with the ball in Germany than Landon ever did)

DCU hosts LA Gals, Saturday

Really, right now the LA Galaxy is a shambles. Their fans are on the verge of joining a Heaven's Gate reenactment society. Their coach is hated not just in DC (*cough* cutting John Harkes *cough*) but in the Home Depot Center. The San Jose Earthquakes are better without Landon than LA was with him. Reading Gals fans posting is like reading a thinly vailed poem about suicide from the goth girl in the 9th grade creative writing class. They want to be beaton, so Sampson will be fired. Hell, the Junkie has been commenting over here practically begging for the same thing since Adu buried them a month ago. At this point they are dragging themselves into RFK like Ol' Yeller's owner, searching desperately for the shot gun that will end things. I think DCU can oblige. Prediction... DCU 3 : LA 1


At 19 August, 2005 17:56, Blogger Eric PZ said...

I heard a rumor that group of Galaxy fans are taking up a collection to pay for Sampson to go on a scouting trip to Costa Rica...the good new is they only came up with enough to buy him a one-way ticket.


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