17 August 2005

No Man is an Island

Harrisburg City 0 : DCU 1

Sounds like a fun night as 4,000 turned out in Pennsylvania for an exhibition between USL Division 2's Harrisburg City Islanders and DC United. Washington Post doesn't cover the event, but local coverage was pretty good. As expected, it was pretty much a reserve team out there. Josh Gros managed to play in his old stomping grounds, but Ben Olson didn't. I wouldn't read too much into that, as giving Ben pleanty of time to heal is a very good idea right now.

Also, please note that while the goal was scored by Jason Thompson, another name should be starting to surface on DCU fans radars: Matt Nickell. He got a few minutes in the Chivas game, and while he's way down on the depth charts at forward, it should be interesting to follow his progress. He's currently tied with Jamil Walker for DCU's team lead in goals in the reserve division, with 3 games fewer played than Jamil. There is nothing that screams "This guy is a star developing" yet, but his play has certainly earned him some notice.