15 August 2005

The Mind, It Boggles

Update! From the Junky, a remarkably similar take. [Updated 16 August 2005, 8:35AM]

From a QA session on the MetroStarts new stadium at MetroEmpire:

KRD: The announced stadium capacity circa-twenty thousand is smaller then any previous projections had announced. Why the change? Is this an indicator that AEG might be content with the MetroStars being a Jersey based team and are serious about their commitment to a New York franchise?

NS: It has always been our vision to launch a second team in this area. Our studies of the market size and their attendance habits indicate that a market exists for two teams. Once we have the right situation and the timing is right we will pursue that opportunity.

A second team? I wasn't aware that they had a first. The Metro...wha? Never heard of them...


At 16 August, 2005 15:25, Blogger Eric PZ said...

ha! Great minds think alike...or something like that. :)

it's scary that the same quote grabbed our attention.


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