15 August 2005

Expectations Met.

(Above: Jamil Walker pretends that Chivas is a rubber chicken, and this is the most friendly family photo we could find of what happened next.)

DCU 3 : 0 Goats

These are the games you should win. Even without Moreno, Adu, Eskandarian, and even Ben Olsen when he tweaks a muscle. The line from MLS headquarters is "Chivas is getting better, and once the transfers arrive, watch out!" That line is wishful thinking. Chivas needs help at every poisition but keeper, and they need a lot of help. Their defense was probably the least bad thing about them, as they didn't get beat because of their own poor play but rather got beat by superior play. Three goals was about what you could expect, but the fact that Chivas had difficulty sustaining an attack, or midfield pressure even after conceded half the field? It does not bode well for making the playoffs.

DCU did what they had to do: Put away an inferior team without your best players. Now Moreno can come back in time for the hosting the Galaxy, and the hope is that we might see Adu and Esky back around the same time. That being said, let's give Jamail and Tino credit for doing a credible job. Let's also pray that our new acquisition doesn't displace Boz in the back. I mean, Boz has been playing decent defense all season. Then he started scoring on set pieces. Now he's making runs and playing beautiful balls to open strikers. He has earned his starting role.

More notes later, as we finally have a long week to talk about stuff (and the exhibition match in PA should really be DCU's chance to try out the line-shift at the half. There are 11 subs, right?)