11 August 2005

The Opposite of Pick-Up Game is Drop-Out Game?

DCU 3 : 0 MetroStarsThatWantToLeaveMLS

This was a stange game, in that the DCU could have won 6-0. At the same time, if the Metros equalized early in the second half, maybe it's a draw or worse. Amado Guevara leaves the pitch with two cautions. Then he thinks about leaving New York, and MLS altogether. Jamie Moreno gets a (deserved) red for taking down a player. The Metros send multiple shots over the crossbar. 10 on 10, and it could have been 9 on 9 if both Namoff and Leitch get sent off (both of which could have been justifiable).

So what else did we learn?

  • Santino Quaranta likes the USMNT very, very much. He was completley in this game, brilliant on the ball, crafty in the runs. Honestly, this is why Freddy Adu should be given time to mature. Santino when rushed in during the Hudson era looked woefully out of place. Now in two years you can see him taking Jamie Moreno's role.
  • Bobby Boswell gets the 500th goal for DC United. It's funny that a rookie should get that goal, and it's even funnier it comes on a set piece, a free kick that functioned more as a short corner, set up when
  • Dema Kovalenko secures Man of the Match status for me. His run draws Guevera's fould that set up the first goal. He then gets one himself.
  • Brandon Prideaux previously was, as Joe succintly put it in the comments to last game's post, "a complete disaster." So let's give him some credit for this game, where he played better.

More thoughts later, but enjoy the AP Pic above that neatly captures the feeling of this game.


At 11 August, 2005 15:15, Blogger maradawga said...

I'd like to defend Guevara cause I think he's a good guy and a great player and I'd like to support the local team.

But mostly I think he was pissed, vented and all will be forgiven.

Eventually. Probably in 2007.

At 11 August, 2005 19:46, Blogger Eric PZ said...

Saw an interview with Carlos Ruiz on GOLTV's American Soccer show last night. He pointed to himself and Guevara as not getting the respect they should by the league because they are latino. Point being, how many MLS promotions do you see with last season Player of the Year on it? Fish said he won't be back and Guevara will probably be close behind.

At 12 August, 2005 09:21, Blogger D said...

I dunno about that. I can think of multiple latino/South American players who get respect. Guevara appears in the ads for MLS that I see all the time. Etch and Moreno get great love in DC's media market.


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