10 August 2005

Taking the Lunch Money

Tonight the Atlantic Cup Rivalry sees its second game. We can safely ignore the author's mistake that somehow the Metros snuck into the RFK trophy case and stole the Atlantic Cup from last year so that they "MetroStars (as holders) will retain the cup [in the event of a series tie]" There ain't gonna be no tie.

As I've written before, I'm really not sure how this can be considered a rivalry. Yes, the "SuperClub" comments and remarks on Freddy (out 2-4 weeks) are pretty snotty. But honestly, isn't this like that one kid who was six inches shorter than everyone growing up who kept trying to start fights and cursed more frequently than anyone. You know the one, he had a buzz cut, a strangely hoarse voice for an eleven year old, tried to hang out with all the fourteen year olds in street hockey, and inevitably got the crap kicked out of him when he stepped over the line, as he would inevitably do about once a month. You hate him not out of respect, but because he's snotty, annoying, and won't go away. I kinda feel that way about the Metros. I'm glad they're getting a Ninetendo before anyone else (er, I mean, Soccer Specific Stadium) because maybe they'll have something of their own (as they have an empty trophy case) and start to grow up. Right now, they're just annoying, self-important snots. So there is a rivalry of a sort, but its the rivalry of one team constantly reminding another of its place, and god-forbid the wrong team win because then they'll be talking about it for months and won't shut up about it. Tonight there better be a timely beat down. Now, for other DCU fans, they boil down the conflict to a simpler, more primal distinction (as the thread title indicates).

Now, in terms of teams I can respect, right now that honor has to go to San Jose, who (to push this metaphor way too far) gets no attention from the people who supposedly are their to encourage them, but none-the-less are working hard and getting results. Their the kid always picked second for football, quiet, fast, decent kids whose parents are divorcing but you never heard a word about it until it happened. Sad, really.