01 September 2005

...And Their Little Dog Too

(Above: Christain Gomez on his way to scoring a goal. After, RSL Keeper Jay Nolly will click his heels together, whispering "There's no place like home... There's no place like home..." [AP Wire Image])

DCU 5 : 1 RSL

RSL's only hope was that DCU wasn't going to take this game seriously. But DCU while DCU had only lost its last two league matches, it felt like it was in a four game losing streak (LA, FCD in the Cup, Revs, and Rapids in the HoF). Which meant that they wanted to this one, and wanted it bad. Against the woeful RSL road effort, DCU played competent, but not flashy, soccer. And then turned it into an efficient, ruthless scoring onslaught.

This is exactly what was needed. A good game, a chance to get the vetrans out early, and a restatement of the mission. DCU faces a fairly easy strength of schedule for the remainder of the year, and this is what it needs to do each and every time out.


At 01 September, 2005 10:42, Blogger Mr. Fish said...

Last night's win should all but guarantee a playoff spot for DC, especially if the Metro can't beat KC in the next two matches.


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