26 September 2005

Quick Takes and Administrivia

  1. Why do the Revs suddenly wake up after the 80th minute? I saw the game against the Metros, and the Revs played agressively mediocre soccer for about the first 78 minutes, then suddenly made some great runs and created sustained pressure. While Max and the FSC team made this seem like it was only against the Metros, I swear the Revs have been doing this all year.
  2. Working on a few site changes. Nothing major, but the blogroll will, I promise, be updated and perhaps a new header logo. Feedback is always welcome.
  3. On Saturday, the Houston Chronicle's Glenn Davis named DCU one of the top contenders for the MLS Cup. I think he's exactly right in how he breaks it down.
  4. DCU fans are great, even when they're not in DC. Check out this west coast (I'm guessing from the UCLA address) DCU heavy site. Good stuff.
  5. Yes, I've added both sitemeter and technorati to the DCenters. Sitemeter since I had no real idea of the traffic patterns of this site, and Technorati becuase it's pretty darn cool to see your blog in a Washington Post sidebar.
  6. I love soccer. I also, to be kind, suck at it. So a big thank you to the DC area pickup soccer players that don't relenlessly mock me when I put on some cleats and head out onto the pitch, and even offer good advice and criticism. If I don't say anything at the time, it is because I have no stamina and I'm too busy gasping for breath. It is appreciated.