20 September 2005

Maybe not Starting XI, But Nicely Placed as a 2nd Half Sub

Grant Wahl, despite our previous gentle mocking of the idea, names the best US Soccer Blogs, and The DCenters gets a special mention as one of the blogs dedicated to a particular team (along with 3rd degree and DCU-essayist Kali over at Real Salt Lake). Yes, we are touched by this, and appreciative. And like the Dawg, happy to buy Grant a beer if he drops by DC. Also intrigued by the one or two blogs that we hadn't seen before that made his list.

But don't just take Grant's word for things. There are other blogs out there like Footcer Socblog, Pseudo Corner Kick, Fool's Prerogative, and more you should check out. So once I update the blogroll at the right again (sometime this week) then dig in!


At 21 September, 2005 07:28, Blogger scaryice said...

Actually, I did send a list of my blogroll to Grant. So much for not pandering...

I will say that I don't consider 3rddegree to be a blog, and really the US player's thing shouldn't count either.

At 21 September, 2005 13:31, Blogger Zathras said...

Thanks for the props, man! I didn't think anyone was reading my garbage. :-p


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