20 September 2005

Harkes for Bradley?

DuNord picks up a Newark Star-Ledger report on DCU alum John Harkes openly lobbying for the head coach position of the super-club in New Jersey. Key paragraph:
"I can't comment on Bob Bradley's situation, but if Alexi was to call me up, or anything else, for an opportunity to coach there, I'd love to," Harkes said. "It would be fantastic. "

Now, let's keep in mind that we're not sure what Harkes was responding to, and Harkes in the "let's not burn any bridges" graph talks about how his "heart's with DC United". And while the signals are that the fans and Alexi both are upset with Bradley, nothing official has been said at this point. Harkes may just be taking a shot in the dark, having enjoyed coaching with Sigi Schmid over the summer. When we hear that John's been flown to New York for a meeting, then this means something. Right now, it's just a guy who enjoyed a coaching stint and would like to do it again. This is an easy way for him to get his name out for consideration, even if the Metros go elsewhere.


At 20 September, 2005 16:02, Blogger maradawga said...

My question is this ... how can your heart be with United be excited to take over the top spot for your club's ultimate rival?

Isn't that like saying 'Y'know, I love Real Madrid but if Rijkkard quits, I'd be all over that.'


At 20 September, 2005 16:07, Blogger D said...

Dawg --

That's exactly the question I have. And yet, part of my feels like that question is almost naive, in a time when, say, a Dallas Cowboys offensive coordinator can become a Washington Redskin head coach (and we all saw how that turned out). My sense on this is that Harkes would like to coach, knows he isn't in the minds of teams like LA and Columbus, but thinks Alexi might give him a shot, even if it is just an interview with no job. And that establishes him as candidate in the coaching pool. Whatever Sigi gave him a taste of, he really liked it. So much so that he wants that more than to maintain his ties with United.

Not that DCU would cut him off forever if he left to be the Metros head coach. There's a place in our hearts for him forever. It'll just be put on hiatus while he coaches another team.


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