16 December 2005

Keep the Cups in San Jose (or "History as Commodity")

I haven't seen anything in coverage about this, but I had an idea while reading Don Garber's committment to bring a franchise back to San Jose via expansion. If you really mean that, if you want the true Earthquakes to come back, then it seems logical to me that all of San Jose's history should go to that team, and not to the team in Houston. In my mind, that means that the City of San Jose, through its elected officials, should be allowed to keep the two MLS cups. The actual hardware. That doesn't belong to Houston, but to the Earthquakes. Also, the Supporters' Shields that were won in San Jose definately belong in the Bay Area, and not in Houston. All of that accumulated history belongs to the Earthquakes. Houston starts with a blank slate and no stars. Let San Jose be the first expansion team to put two stars on its kits when they arrive.

If AEG objects to this, well, tough. Those MLS Cups were awarded to the San Jose Earthquakes, not to the Houston, um, I dunno, the Houston Sams or whatever. Let San Jose keep the cups.

But only if you really are serious about a team coming back.


At 16 December, 2005 19:11, Anonymous The Belly said...

The cups, the history, the name and the legacy will probably go to Soccer Silicon Valley:

"It is our expectation that we will be brought to the table in this process and, in so doing, will become the official caretakers of the Earthquakes' name and records."

Click here for rest of what SSV has to say.

For all intents and purposes Houston is an expansion team. (Just with a bunch of players who used to play in San Jose.)

At 16 December, 2005 19:56, Blogger scaryice said...

MLS announced yesterday that the history would stay in SJ.

At 16 December, 2005 20:48, Blogger D said...

Okay, just as long as the actual trophies themselves stay in San Jose, that works for me. And it is the right way to do it.

At 22 December, 2005 22:56, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Check out the "Houston Republic Football Club" post at Du Nord.


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