30 January 2006

Good Morning Sunshine

Your morning discussion topics around teh Internets:

Freddy at Camp: MLS Net with an article of Freddy at US Camp. For those that think that Freddy has a shot in Germany, Arena's comments in this article should end that once and for all. I may even have to drop the odds a bit more.

The Goose's Five Rings: DCU alum Jeff Agoos discusses his five championships and his decision to retire over at US Soccer Players. This article is actually quite good at subtly portraying the humanity of a soccer player, a trick in the writing that I can't quite point to. It's interesting just from that perspective as well, as it manages to convey some emotion without being overly manipulative.

Pope Good: Given that I've stated multiple times that I think DCU alum Eddie Pope should retire from the USMNT, let me admit that his performance was excellent in the Norway match. Not the goal so much, but rather the number of times he managed to step up and stop a Norway counter, in a way that Mexico couldn't. I still worry that he may be a liability in Germany, but nothing in the Norway game pointed in that direction.

Goff - Previously on DC United, the Series: Steve Goff runs a preseason recap of the end and the offseason for those just tuning back into the MLS World. He talks up the lack of changes by DCU in terms of the roster, and calls Rod Dyachenko a potential impact draft pick (I'd really like to see his evidence for that. Does he really know more about Dyachenko than any of the rest of us?) Much discussion of the offseason of tormented dreams that followed the Chicago Massacre.

Now, read, and then go forth and flame people who's opinions differ from yours. It's the internet way.