23 January 2006

A Midwestern City Named in the Next 60 Days

Yes, like the folks at DuNord, I caught Garber's announcement that an expansion team will be awarded to a midwestern city in the next sixty days. Milwaukee seemed a reasonable guess, as did (ownership concerns aside) St. Louis. However, I also hear with strong plausability another city's name as the location that will be announced, one that if selected would cause one well-known LA Galaxy fan a potential loyalty problem: Cleveland. Not to get all "Not Doug Logan" on everyone, but there you go.

Update 23 Jan: In response to multiple emails (okay, to be honest, two emails) let me clarify that this is not the usual baseless speculation, but is in fact based on details the DCenters has learned, and the DCenters is attempting to confirm the entire story. The city Garber was referring to at the time was Cleveland. Not any of the other ones you might have heard about.


At 21 January, 2006 00:29, Blogger maradawga said...

That'd be awesome!

Cuyahoga Clásico here we come!


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