25 January 2006

See the USA, in your DChevrolet

Bertz Doubly Drafted: No coherent theme this morning, as the DC United news is eminating from various areas. First: DCU fourth round draft pick Kenny Bertz is also Portland Timbers second round draft pick Kenny Bertz. If the Timbers can reasonably offer Kenny regular playing time in Portland, it makes a great deal of sense for him to go there rather than play a full year in the reserves of DC United, at which point who knows what would happen. And if I were DC United, I'd try to work out a deal to loan Kenny to Portland, and retain the rights for him with the option of pulling him back later in the season. Considering that USL draft rights have the lifespan of programs in your TiVo "Suggestions" folder (about two weeks) such a deal would have to be considered quickly. I think it makes sense.

Adu does LA: A reasonable look at Freddy Adu in camp over in the LA Breeze. Only one blatantly factually wrong quote: "You also could say without fear of contradiction that Adu isn't yet good enough to hold Landon Donovan's shin guards." I don't know about that. Freddy may not be as good as Landon is, but Freddy annoys me less. When Sylvia Plath wrote "You are pithy and historical as the Roman / Forum" I'm pretty sure it wasn't an allusion to Donovan. He's not that godlike figure in MLS. He's good, but not the greatest. So, yeah, Freddy could carry Donovan's shin guards. But I hope he has more pride than to do that. Now carrying Jamie shinguards.... I kid, I kid.

goLAZO? Finally, over at the DC Sports Blog, I-66 sees a familiar DCU face.