24 January 2006


I could have sworn Du Nord covered this already, but maybe they just got early word. ABMOD has been hired in New Jersey for the Metros. This gives Richie at least three months of study under Mo until the April 15 tax deadline.

Hopefully I should have written something interesting in the next few days, but until that point, a few pointers to other people's work. First, Maradawga discusses generational sports development and the choices of athletes in a column that I agree with 100%.

Courtesy of Du Nord and The Belly, I see that Marc Connolly (whose mock draft I was actually praising while liveblogging the event) now has a blog. This will be interesting. For a few years, the amateurs (with the exception of the Matchnight folks) have pretty much had the US Soccer Blogging to ourselves. In some sports, when the pros start blogging there is a nice comraderie. In others, they barely tolerate the unwashed masses. I'm curious how it will turn out here.

And Kali's newly redecorated digs at Real Salt Lake Blog are rather nice. It's nice to see some blogs moving away from the standard blogger template and forging their own identity. I imagine that Climbing the Ladder is on the clock now (no pressure, Mr. Ice).

And finally, commentator Seattle Matt neatly summarized my fears about the sale of DC United far better than I did when he wrote the following:

DC is now like the good looking, intelligent woman that's been dumped twice at the altar.

Even though there's nothing wrong with her...any potential suitor worth a crap is going to wonder what's up.

Exactly sir. Well phrased. Unfortunately, your pointy-ball Hawks are going up against my Pointy-ball Stillers. So for the next two weeks, you are dead to me.


At 24 January, 2006 13:08, Anonymous Anonymous said...

By the way, the Matchnight folks are amatuers.. Just more experienced amateurs.

At 24 January, 2006 13:34, Blogger D said...

Yup, word choice problem there. I realize they aren't paid (or if they are, it isn't a career choice) but it seems like they have some organization over there, like editors and stuff. Good things that represent a more professional organization than what I do, which is, um, very amateur. Not implying they are professional writers, but rather that they have a more professional organization that the rest of us.

At 25 January, 2006 01:25, Anonymous Matt from Seattle said...

A word to the wise on the Super Bowl...don't underestimate Seattle.

Not talking crap..I think it's going to be a pretty even game..a tough one for us to win..but the Hawks have been crushing people all year...their D is playing better than ever and they finally have full complement of receivers.

The national media hasn't given the Hawks any credit..so don't pay any attention to the "experts" (cept John Clayton who is a Steeler and a Hawks fan). Many of these "experts" picked the Panthers...and the Seahawks made them look like girls..even Steve Smith.

It should be a great bowl...and free advice is to not bet your house on the Steelers...3.5/4pts is a lot to give.

PS: I watch lots of NFL...so this isn't just a homer's opinion.

At 25 January, 2006 08:11, Blogger D said...

Seattle Matt:
I agree with you. If any team can play the "Disrespected" card, it is Seattle, and it is ridiculous that a six seed should get 3.5 over a 1 seed. I'm nervous, but I'm a Pittsburgh fan, so there you go...

At 25 January, 2006 13:53, Anonymous Matt said...

If it makes you feel better...John Clayton thinks that the Steelers will win a very close game. He's on the radio a ton here in Seattle since he lives here and has a bunch of friends here in the sports media.

It'll be a great game!!


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