19 January 2006

Mock Drafts Turtle

Someone is going to be upset tomorrow. Three mock drafts for your perusal: From Allen Hopkins at MLSNet, From Marc Connoly at MLSNet, and from Mike Marshall at RevsNet. The news? All agree on the top pick, and none agreeing on DCU's pick.

For those wondering, here's how it breaks down. DCU Pick is #7:

Hopkins: 1. Wynne 2.Sturgis 3.McCarty 4.Ballouchy 5.Wagner 6. Peterson 7. Garey (F-Maryland)

Connolly: 1. Wynne 2.Ballouchy 3. Garey 4. McCarty 5.Kljestan 6. Moore 7. Kamara (F-Cal State)

Marshall: 1. Wynne 2.Kljestan 3. Garey 4. Ballouchy 5. Sturgis 6. Peterson 7. Zayner (D-Indiana)

I will now guess that Kamara is unlikely as a pick for DCU. I also don't see Garey falling to 7th (though I'm not sure that he goes to Columbus... maybe KC?) But, in accordance with the Fundamental rule of player transactions, I'm going to guess that everyone here is wrong, and DCU will draft a midfield player in the first round. Yeah. Of course, now I'm likely to be wrong.