16 January 2006

Ten Thousand Served

So, at some point over the weekend, I see that the site meter link ticked over the 10,000 Unique Visits threshold. At 2:13PM on 15 January, a visit from Milwaukee, Wisconsin was the special visitor. Now, I say I don't care about traffic, but just the fact that since starting to keep track in September, over ten thousand times someone has decided "I wonder if The DCenters has written something interesting yet..." -- it means something. Not sure what. But definately part of me was surprised. Even if about 200 of those are me checking the page paranoid I made another typo.

So thanks for your time everyone. I'll try and not to waste it too much. And yes, perhaps it isn't a lot of traffic in the great scheme of things, or compared to, say, Kos or Glenn Reynolds or Pandagon or VodkaPundit or whatever, but IT'S STILL REAL TO ME! [Cue Crying] Now I need to actually go do some typing for this site.